Q.   What should I use to clean spots on my carpet?

Short Answer:   The greatest solvent ever created . . . Water.

Long Answer:   The biggest problem for a consumer using a spot cleaning product from the grocery store is the mandatory step of how to effectively rinse it out of the carpet.  If rinsing is not performed properly several problems can occur. The most serious of these is the unintentional mixing of two or more incompatible  products together.  When one solution does not solve the problem and a second solution is used without proper rinsing, the chemical compounds mix together in the carpet.  This is not advisable and can cause permanent damage to the color of your carpet fibers and possibly create unhealthy compounds (fumes) that become airborne.  Even a single solution that is not rinsed out of the carpet properly will leave behind a sticky residue that will attract soil like a magnet.
       I always recommend for my clients to get a small Wet and Dry Vac, and use it to rinse out any thing that gets in the carpet with one big exception  . . . ball point Ink (go back to F.A.Q.'s for specific instructions on getting Grease, wax and ink out of your carpet).  First use the Wet and Dry Vac to Extract as much of the foreign matter out of the carpet.   You can use a large pitcher of HOT water (start with WARM water first if you are cleaning something  with a lot of color like red wine or fruit punch) and pour a cup or so of water into the carpet and then suck it up with the Wet and Dry Vac.  Literally Rinse and Repeat until the problem area is no longer responding  . . .  then stop.  Don’t overdo it.   Take some clean, old, white, cotton towels, fold them up and place them on the spot you have just rinsed and stand on them.  Absorb as much moisture as you can with the towels and then let the area air dry for a day.  This is usually sufficient for typical spills of a glass or less.  Don’t forget to clean out your Vacuum  so it’s ready for the next emergency!

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