Q.   How do I get wax out of my carpet?

Short Answer: If the WAX is WHITE Follow the steps below . . . If Its Green ,Red or another dark color the dyes can bleed into carpet causing a permanent stain so call a Professional for help. 

Long Answer:   Wax can be melted out of carpet using the following method:   A)  Place a moist (NOT WET)white cotton towel (again one you can throw away) over the wax and pre heat a clothes iron to a lower middle heat setting.  Place the iron on the towel lifting it every 10 seconds or so to check on the progress.  All situations are different so the actual amount of time needed to melt the wax can vary significantly. As the wax melts into the towel turn the towel so that a fresh area is in contact with the wax.  Be careful not to scorch the carpet, it’s very hard to do with a damp towel but just be aware.  Where you are more likely to cause a problem is in the latex glue in the backing of the carpet so watch the wax and only use as much heat as necessary to melt the wax into the towel and then stop don’t overdo it and then toss the towel in the garbage.

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