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A Word About “Green”

“Save Our Planet”
“Green Cleaning”
“Environmentally Friendly”

These phrases are being used daily in dozens of industries.  What they ultimately mean however, is dependent on the person employing them.

A “green” carpet cleaning product used improperly can be far worse for the  environment than a non-green product that is used correctly or even better, sparingly.

I encourage my clients to look at the big picture regarding the environment and not just the marketing hype surrounding individual products.  I strive to use the best carpet cleaning product for each cleaning "situation" which can include variables such as:

- Fabric or Fiber type
- Amount of soiling
- Type of soiling
- Fabric or Fiber age
-Contaminates that may bleed or set into a permanent stain
- Fabric damage from UV exposure, or wear
-Compatibility with additional product  such as deodorizers, disinfectants or Teflon Protectant.

True Green  cleaning can be defined much more accurately by an entire cleaning process than by a single carpet cleaning product in that complex chain.

With that said, my favorite carpet cleaning product is Bio-Encap made by Releasit.  It is DfE Certified (click on the Dfe logo below to find out more) and that means it has the safest ingredients possible.
The carpet cleaning products that I bring into your home are the same ones that I clean my own home with.  Michele and I have raised two beautiful boys on our floors and upholstery. 

Now that they are grown, married and moved out on their own we have two new little mouths to feed. 

The difference is that these two lick every surface insight!

Let me ask you this. Who would use something in a way that could hurt these little faces?  Well it’s not me that’s for sure! 

Everything I use in my home and yours has been thoroughly tested by me personally and just as importantly it is used correctly!

My commitment to the health benefits of cleaning is not limited to just our indoor environment. 

Please read my rant “A Word About Green”.

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