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A Few Words About the Importance of Maintaining your Vacuum Cleaner.

by David Buck on 12/27/12

Vacuum cleaners are very much like cars because they require regular maintenance.  Most newer dirt cup type vacuums have at least 2 and many have 3 or 4 filters that require very regular cleaning.   Most vacuum cleaners also have a rubber band type of belt that requires friction to turn the brush roll.  These belts stretch out approximately 10 % after just a few hours of operation and the brush roll begins to slip under a load.   The overall effect of these two factors is severely reduced efficiency. 

Fortunately this is very easy to fix.  I vacuum carpets every day and use a variety of different vacuums cleaners.  On average it takes me six minutes to replace a belt and three to five minutes to clean the filters . . . but I do this very regularly.  The more you get to know your vacuum the faster you will be at maintaining it .

A few tips.


When you buy belts, buy five at a time.

Pay very close attention when you take your vacuum apart, then it will be much easier to put back together.

For peak performance, change your belt every six months, but at least once a year.

All vacuum cleaners and vacuum filters are different.  Some require a lot of cleaning, especially the dirt cup type. My cyclone type vacuums don't get dirty as fast.  Get used to the requirements of your vacuum and give it what it needs.

Slow down when vacuuming  in the high traffic areas . . . it makes a huge difference.



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