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Cruise The Delta And Come Home To The Freshest Smelling Carpet You've Ever Had

by David Buck on 04/26/12

Have you ever lingered at the majestic beauty of wild flowers growing near stone lake?  Did you ever tip your hat to the good ole Delta Blues as you turned south onto the river road?  Have you ever imagined elves and fairies scurrying through the forest-like pear fields of Courtland?  Have you ever turned off the river road at the Ryde Hotel and wandered out to Hog Back Island or rode the ferry across Grand Island Road?

Well now you have an Excuse!  When I am cleaning my clients Carpets in Elk Grove, Wilton or Rancho Murieta, I always encourage them to do something fun while I transform their home back into the castle they once knew. 

Imagine how you will feel . . . going out for a drive on a warm spring day, the windows down and the perfume of spring blowing through your hair.  Imagine the beautiful sights you will see that are practically sitting in your own backyard.  Now imagine returning home in Elk Grove, Wilton Or Rancho Murieta to the brightest and freshest smelling carpet you've ever seen.

I guarantee that if you take along someone special, it will be an adventure you won't soon forget!  And the joy for me will be that every time you look down at the gorgeous carpet cleaning job I have performed, it will flood you with memories of a very special day indeed.

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