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How Often Should I Have My Carpets Professionally Cleaned in Elk Grove?

by David Buck on 05/08/12

Most synthetic carpet attracts dust & dirt and then holds onto it with a magnet like grip. These properties of synthetic fiber make your carpet the largest and most effecient filter in your home.  However, when abrasive dust & dirt are allowed to sit on the carpet for long periods of time, these contaminates begin to behave like sandpaper under your feet.

Some of the nicest carpets in Elk Grove are made of nylon and nylon is very shiny and beautiful to look at.  But when nylon carpet fibers get scratched by people walking across its soiled surface, they become permenently altered and begin to look quite dull in appearance.  These dull, scratched fibers are ususally found in the highest trafficked areas of the home like hallways.

To exasperate the problem, the carpet fibers within six to eight inches of the wall never get walked on and so they continue to look shiny and new year after year.  With scratched and dull fibers in such close proximity to shiny new carpet fibers, these high traffic areas can begin to look ruined in just a few short years.

The need for regular, professional carpet cleaning is made clear in DuPont's StainMaster Carpet Care FAQ's, it States; "Frequency of cleaning should be determined based on household conditions.  We recommend a professioanal cleaning at least every 12 months. (Professional steam cleaning / hot water extraction at least every 24 months is required to maintain your texture retention warranty)."

 It is Imperitave to have this abrasive dust and dirt removed from your highly trafficked carpet fibers as often as is possible.  This is why a regular carpet cleaning schedule by a professional carpet cleaner is essential to the beauty and longevity of your carpet


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