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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning in Elk Grove Really That Much Better Than My Bissell

by David Buck on 05/01/12

I have been asked this question several times by some serious Do-it- Yourselfers. These guys are dead set on figuring out how to get results that are similar to what professional carpet cleaners in Elk Grove are charging hundreds of dollars for.

My answer to them is this: If you have a very lightly soiled carpet and at least one hour per room to be cleaned then the answer is a cautious yes; your bissell machine can produce results that are similar to what a professional carpet cleaner is able to do. And then I tell them this story to help them visualize the process of cleaning carpet and removing soil.

If you wanted to put a swimming pool in your backyard, you have the option to go down to your local home improvement center and for the sum of about $50.00 you could own the most exquisite shovel ever made.  But when you return home you will quickly discover that the amount of energy required to operate that shovel is just not reasonable for the amount of soil that must be removed.  You will quickly realize that for even an average sized swimming pool it is much better to hire a professional who will bring in a backhoe that is designed to remove large amounts of soil very quickly.

On the other hand if you wanted a concrete pathway that meanders through your backyard and the preperation required just a few inches of soil to be moved in a few places, then with that same shovel, alot of sweat, and a few new blisters; you will be able to accomplish what any professional landscaper would charge hundreds of dollars to do.

It is exactly the same thing with your carpet in Elk Grove.  An Average soiled carpet is like a pool, it requires a professional carpet cleaner with heavy duty specialized equiptment to remove that soil in a reasonable amount of time.  A very lightly soiled carpet is like the meandering pathway. It only requires the removal of some surface soil that is easy to get to.


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