Before and after carpet cleaning with heavy grease and food spills
 This Client Got A Free Garage Floor Cleaning Before I Cleaned Her Rugs, Because It Was The Only Place She Had Available At The Time. I Strive To Exceed My Clients Expectations.
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I highly recommend Teflon Advanced protectant to extend the beauty of your high traffic areas.
Much Of The Dry Dirt That is Hiding Deep Down in The Carpet Can Removed By Very Slow Vacuuming With  A Standard But well Tuned Vacuum Cleaner.
Thorough Pre-Vacuuming Is An Absolutely Essential Step for any Professional Carpet Cleaner, Especially If You Have Pets!
Every Home Is Different and I Always find A Way To Get Each Carpet as Dry As Possible Before I Leave.
Drying The Carpet After It Is Cleaned Is Essential
Carpet Cleaning
Extend The Beauty
Of Your Carpet
With My Gentle and
Very Complete 7 Step Restoration Process

1) Pre-Inspection:
The first thing I do is a visual inspection of your carpet.  Please point out ANY areas of concern you might have.   Nobody knows the history of your carpet better than you and the more you share, the easier it is for me to get fantastic results cleaning your carpet.
Why Is This Important? 
This helps me to identify problem areas early and determine the proper Pre-Treatment to be applied.

2) Deep Vacuuming:
The IICRC-S001 Standard for Professional Carpet Cleaning states,
"First, overall dry vacuuming of high traffic and open areas is essential."
I take this "critical step" as it goes on to say, very seriously. 
So many Carpet Cleaners (even those professing to follow these standards) simply omit this step and ask their customers to pre-vacuum their own carpet.
Over the past 22 years, I have found that dry soil is ALWAYS present in the carpet, no matter how good of a vacuuming job my clients do. 
In line with the IICRC standards for professional carpet cleaning, I use a Vacuum cleaner that incorporates high velocity suction and H.E.P.A. filtration.    
I perform a deep and very through vacuuming to all high traffic areas before any cleaning solutions are applied.
Why Is This Important?
Any amount of dry soil turns into mud when moisture is applied. Mud is very difficult to remove when it is located deep down at the base of the Carpet Fiber.

3) Pre-Treatment:
Soil Suspension is the technical term for the next two steps In the cleaning process and it involves four fundamental steps described below.
Why Is This Important?
To Clean a Carpet successfully it is absolutely necessary to separate the unwanted dirt, grease, and other residues from the surface of the fiber before extraction begins.
The first two fundamentals of soil suspension are 1) Chemical Action and 2) Heat.
Why Are These Important?
A  Pre-Treatment that has been heated, benefits from thermal acceleration to effectively suspend soils and minimize residue. I use a  premium heated Pre-Treatment that I carefully spray on all the carpet to be cleaned. The only exceptions to this, are areas that require  a particular Pre-Spotting treatment to deal with special problems (it's all included - No Extra Charges).

4) Distribution:
The third and fourth fundamentals of soil suspension are 3) Agitation and 4) Dwell Time.

Soil that has taken months or years to build up, is not going be suspended in 60 seconds. That is why I include the IICRC Mandated step of agitation, by using a Power Groomer as needed to distribute the Pre-Treatments evenly through out the Carpet.  The time it takes to perform this essential Carpet Cleaning step gives the Pre-Treatment the fourth and final fundamental which is plenty of Dwell Time.

5) Rinse/Soil Extraction:
With all that effort to Vacuum the dry
soil out before wetting the carpet and thoroughly suspending the soils before Extracting, you would think that the rinsing process would be easy . . . 
And you would be right.
But that doesn't mean that my High Flow Carpet Cleaning Extraction is ordinary.  In fact it is so extraordinary that It would take several pages to explain the difference between what I do and what other carpet cleaners do . . . so for the sake of brevity I will let the Pictures do the talking.         

6) Drying and Grooming:
Section 7.5 of the IICRC S100 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning says: 'When cleaning carpet, it is highly recommended that drying occur within six to eight hours or less: however, drying time must not exceed 24 hours. Failure of the professional to implement drying procedures could result in a variety of after-cleaning problems. Often, occupant cooperation is needed to expedite drying.'
I utilize high speed AirPath dryers on every Carpet Cleaning job and groom the carpet to expidite the drying process.  My goal is to have the carpet dry and ready to use in with in four hours or less.
I will always let you know the ideal conditions for drying i.e., windows open or closed, heat / airconditioning on or off.

7) Post Inspection and Grooming:
The need to Dry, Groom and apply protectant to your carpet after it has been cleaned, is similar to the need to Dry, Comb and apply a styling product to your hair after it has been washed. Quite simply: these things are what's  nessisary to makeyuour carpet look good and perform the way you want it to.
My final Inspection is done to see if the carpet cleaning process has uncovered any hidden problems .  Once I am satisfied that each step has achived it's goal of providing you with the most thorough carpet cleaning possible, I will let you have your house back :-)

Before and after cleaning of off white carpet with parking lot grease
Before and after carpet cleaning with ground in dirt and grease
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I know its boring but watch the begining and the very end to see why professional vacuuming is so important!
The second half of this video shows the impressive effect of pre-spray agitation.
This is High Flow Carpet Cleaning at it's best!
It really makes a big difference, it just takes a little more time.
Our AirPath Dryers Will Dry Even The Most Challenging Areas to Ensure That You Have The Best Cleaning Experience Possible.